...no matter what your personal views are :)

Are you a feminist friend?
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This is a compassionate, loving, feminist community. Feminism is the philosophy that both sexes are equal. It's isn't about hating men or any of the other unkind things that are sometimes associated with feminism. Whatever your personal views, if you believe that women and men are equal and seriously want to change things, you belong here. :)


1. Anybody can be a feminist; men, Republicans, Christians, etc. We don't need to alienate people who are on our side!

2. No telling people they "aren't a feminist" (or anything to that effect) because you don't understand their views. If someone's really a troll we'll kick them out. If not no labeling!

3. None of this, "oh I hate all those other women who give us a bad name". We're all women, and we all want equality. If another woman claims to disagree with "feminism" we should get sad, not angry.

4. No meaness! "Hatred is never ended by hatred but by love"--Buddha

5. Don't be judemental!


1. Here's a little lesson in dealing with people: you can't tell someone they're wrong. If you do, the only thing that will happen is they will get defensive and perhaps even hostile. It's human nature to feel insecure and defensive when somene tells us we're wrong. So try to just avoid that. If you feel somene is wrong, try to convince them with facts and love...if you really care about convincing people your view is right you'll try to do that anyway

2. Try to leave your other political views at home whenever possible. Obviously some issues deal directly with women's rights, but if one doesn't, don't bring it up..You'll have to use your judgement on that but try ok?