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Does it ever make you sad??

Until very recently, women never really had the chance to live their life. They have always been seen as tools/objects, and used as such. I've been thinking about this lately ever since a discussion in a bookworm community about "the good earth". It's a book about Oriental culture centuries ago. I think it's actually set in China but it's been too long since I actually read the book. Anyhow, there's the main guy of the story, a farmer, and then there's his wife. The only thing the wife ever has time for is work, as we all know women worked all day most of the time. At first the husband only has time for work too. As the story progresses, the family becomes financially secure and finally wealthy. The husband then has freedom, but the wife still pretty much works all day. The farmer has so much free time he starts screwing whores, and ends up bringing one home as his second wife. So the wife in this story never has any happiness and never even has a friend at all. The author doesn't even talk about her much, I'm not sure she's ever mentioned except through the eyes of her husband. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon scenario. That's how it was all over the world until so very recently, and even now parts of the world are still like this. Sometimes I cry for all the women who never got to have any life to speak of. It makes me so sad. They lived and died and were never alive at all. We are so lucky to have been born in this time in the free parts of the world! We should never ever take it for granted. And we should never forget how our sisters were treated. :(
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