Poison & Fire (anarielraet) wrote in feministfriends,
Poison & Fire

Little diddy about domestic abuse

At school today I got to miss a whole hour of algebra (ie: elementary math) to go to a hubbard house assembly (woohoo...but seriously) Whether or not you realize it, there are a few different kinds of abuse. Obviously there's physical. Then there's emotional, and both of those are pretty straight forward. Apparently there's also sexual (I wasn't aware they actually recognized marital rape) and financial (or economic) abuse. That includes things such as not allowing your spouse to work, and not allowing them access to the family bank account.

Anyhow, they can't take a person to jail for anything but physical abuse. So basically tons of women live out their lives miserably because "he never hit me"...or even "she never hit me". They also talked about abused men. Men get victimized three different times whereas women only get victimized once (ideally) Men get victimized by their spouse obviously, whether physically or one of the other ways, then they also get victimized by law enforcement, and then by society. How horrifying to think that so many men and women are being abused and don't ever get to know happiness! All because they don't actually get beaten! And for men, because of the sexism that still runs rampant through our world! Any thoughts?
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